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St.Helens, a premium beef brand by Agri Beef Co., has a long history of implementing proactive environmental stewardship practices, including effective pasture grazing rotations and a comprehensive conservation system protecting its eco-system. But being a part of the Agri Beef Co. means that it is part of a much bigger vision.

Since inception, Agri Beef Co. has been on the forefront of environmental stewardship and sustainability. The company is committed to protecting the natural resources in the communities where it operates while simultaneously creating environmental benefits from the resources it consumes. Purchasing local crops and cattle minimizes Agri Beef’s dependence on fossil fuels, while using renewable hydro-electricity (plentiful in the NW) throughout its operations, reduces its total carbon footprint – 41% less than beef produced in the MidWest*.

In addition, Agri Beef Co. focuses on recycling outputs throughout all of its operations resulting in many positive by-products. Beneficial outputs derived from these initiatives include: the production of naturally composted fertilizers for local farmers and organic nurseries, the production of both power and fuels from organic resources, and the reclamation of water for the use of local farmers and for the restoration of wetlands.

A philosophical commitment to sustainability and a continuous and steadfast dedication to research and innovation has allowed Agri Beef Co. and its ranch to continually improve its stewardship efforts while minimizing its environmental impact.

* Darin Saul, Ph.D. and Tom Nagawiecki, “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory,” (University of Idaho, October 2008).